A Solo Texas Metric

“Challenge ride #11 started just like #9 did…a solo adventure, because no one wanted to leave at 5:00am. Rolling out at 5:15 under the cover of darkness, there’s nothing quite as exciting & terrifying than exploring an unscouted B-Road with only moon & starlight to guide you….because you forget your headlight @ home, again.


The thing about riding solo is that can ad lib along the route & not have anyone bitch, which I got to do several times in this route. Hit sunrise riding thru Abbott Tx (Birthplace of the great Willie Nelson), to my 2nd detour, a nice B-Road that finished with a washed out climb.


Stayed on route till mile 45, where I hit unridden gravel to continue my tour of Willies backyard, & ride out to Malone Tx (a tiny town he used to hang out in).

Leaving Malone it got hot quick, dangerously hot & the last 24 miles rolled by extremely slow, but managed to get back under my own power.”

-Danny B.



Cup O'Dirt Admin

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