LT100 2017 in the Books and Still Married!!!

“Well, it’s done. I started in the last corral so I didn’t expect much. I find that my attitude the day of a race has a lot to do with my performance. I was in a great mood and feel like I did pretty ok.  The Columbine and all the flats went well.  My biggest challenge was the traffic at the start and the powerline climb. My final time was 10:43. People keep telling me congrats and it’s getting a bit embarrassing. Yes I finished, but I didn’t win, far from it!  Bike people will understand the level of effort put forth.  Everyone else usually gets a bit confused as to why they are congratulating my when I didn’t win anything.  If I could give anyone a bit of advice, do a qualifier. It’s a way to move closer to the front.  That will give you a decent chance at sub 9 hrs and getting the big buckle.  Scenery pics are from a couple days prior on training rides.
Max elevation 12458’ish
Elevation climbing 11555’ish
103 miles”

-Phillip H.

Before the race (I’m 1715 far right)
Ken and Marilee race organizers pre-race meeting
Strange hut top of columbine.



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