Burger Powered Single Speed

Kevin C. Rolls out another full century!

“Century #2 (‘Murican distance) last Sunday, finally getting around to writing it up.  Decided to lay out a gravel route to Atlanta, KS based on a 5 year old story about a restaurant that may or may not still exist and may or may not take cards.

Typically late start for me, didn’t roll out til after 11am.  Bonus, I had a kicking tailwind and got away with summer kit with arm & knee warmers.  Single speed again, and I picked a few roads I knew would have some decent hills to see how I handle climbing on the gearing I’d like to stick with this year.  Managed to not blow a knee out on the steep stuff.  The rollers were actually fun!



I never get tired of that view.  It’s just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the spring.

Rolled in to Atlanta (all 3 streets of it), found the restaurant is indeed still there (Lil Red Rooster Cafe).  The place is pretty cool, perfect tiny town place.  Saw they had food too and couldn’t resist one of these burgers in addition to the pie.  Tom Tom burger, 2 patties, Swiss, lots of bacon, and a fried egg.  That and the apple pie were great.


Started the trip home later than I planned, but as a bonus the tailwind I’d enjoyed on the trip south had completely died.  I lost the sun about 20 miles from home and finished in the dark.  Once the light came on I realized how dry and dusty the roads were – every vehicle that passed (all going far too fast for the roads) kicked up a dust cloud I would be stuck with for a quarter mile at a time.  Hopefuly the rain & snow we’ve had since then settles that down for the next ride!”

Ride details, c/o Strava:



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